Working with leaders who are transforming the world

Governance, Culture Building and Strategic Advisory

MEPAO, Our Strategic Model for the Organizational Archeology, is our proprietary methodology for the strategic advisory to business leaders in moments of uncertainty, transformation and challenges. It is a tool box wit a perfect mix between rational logic and expert intuition.

This area is lead by Piedad Casas Otoya, a career development executive coach with an amazing capacity to understand the coachee's moment in life and foster the most appropriate path to success. 

Gallup Organization Certified, Piedad has access to the right tools, frameworks, and specific analysis methodologies for problem solving, from traditional Executive Advisory to Mindfulness techniques. 

She is an extremely intuitive consultant with more than 30 years experience in both the public and private sectors, which makes her insight and advice invaluable to directives, executives, and entrepreneurs alike.

Since the nineties, Piedad Casas has been working on the development and positive evolution of leaders and projects in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States, Italy and Indonesia.

For a Leadership and Talent Coach, she is the perfect melting pot of disciplines; namely architecture, the arts, art criticism, cultural management, civic participation, and intercultural negotiation. She is an NLP internationally certificated practitioner trained by John Grinder, and has a Masters in organizational psychology, management, and finance for small business enterprises. Piedad has ample exposure to identify the opportunities and obstacles in family companies, internal control in government offices, social and cultural project construction, and strategic and cultural management planning. She also has a meditation and crystal healing certificate from the Katrina Raphaell Academy in Kauai (Hawaii).

 Her motto: “Always ready to think and execute with the leaders who are transforming the world”.