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Our Inspiration: The Change for Good

We decided to use our skills to help Talented entrepreneurs to achieve more and deliver with sustainability, looking into their future. 

We want to be named when people talks about the companies of the future including Latam Talent into the global economy.

Our Talent

BCPartners has a multicultural, intergenerational and trans-sectorial team. This gives the opportunity to advice clients with a very diverse source of concepts and experiences from different backgrounds.


We work with a methodology that allows us to select and coordinate work teams as well as generate relevant partnerships to achieve the best result in optimum cost, efficiency, coordination and control. 

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Founder & President

Twitter: @rosariobc

Colombian born entrepreneur living in NYC with a successful track record of originating, structuring and executing startup transactions in data and technology-driven platforms.

Co-founder of VR Americas LLC, a North American company dedicated to expanding the frontier of immersive technologies - Virtual Reality, Augmented, Mixed and Extended - in industrial applications, one of those applications was a finalist in Augmented World Expo Auggie awards 2017. 

She was named one of the 100 Top World disruptors in New York City by the WSIE and has appeared in media such as NatGeo, Forbes, Huffington Post among others.

She is an entrepreneurial mentor at the Tandon school of engineering at NYU, speaker at NAB Show, AWE, Steaminista and World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Her professional career includes managing operations in Finance, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Drones. 

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